Become a Friend of the Red Squirrel

Wight Squirrel Project is an independent, local charity that relies on donations, fundraising events, sponsorship and grants to keep it going.

If you give a minimum donation of £10 per person, you will become ‘A Friend of the Red Squirrel’ for a year and receive a certificate. This will give concessions to some red squirrel events.

It will also give access to our private hide when it opens again – we have had to close temporarily due to Covid-19 restrictions. New Friend of the Red Squirrel cards will be issued with a full 12 months to run from the date we are able to re-open.

Funding is needed to cover general running costs, insurance, post mortem expenses, monitoring, providing an annual newsletter, advice, veterinary bills and leaflets to the general public and also for food to fill hoppers at ‘safe’ road crossings. More recently funding has been needed to cover leprosy testing. See results here.

The Squirrel Hide is closed temporarily

It is with regret that we must inform our supporters that we have taken the decision to temporarily close our private hide.

New Friends of the Red Squrrel cards will be issued with a full 12 months to run from the date we can re-open.

Stay safe and well. Helen

Would you like to volunteer ?

We are always looking for help!

Would you like to receive training to become a bi-annual woodland monitor? It is very slow and starts early in the morning. You need to be observant and dedicated. The walks are three times within two weeks in the spring and autumn.

Other volunteer posts:
Can you help out at shows? We go to between six and ten events a year. See our events listing.
There are always leaflets and/or newsletters to distribute. Can you take on an area?

How you can help us

The easiest and most efficient way to offer financial help is to become a Friend of the Red Squirrel and set up a standing order with a donation.

We also need volunteers to help us with walks, events and delivering newsletters. Please contact us if you can help.


Feeding Squirrels

Feeding red squirrels helps their survival and provides hours of entertainment for you.

They need a variety of food, not just peanuts. Hazelnuts, filberts, pine nuts, walnuts, sunflower seeds, coconut and fruit will provide a varied and healthier diet. NEVER feed brazil nuts or fatballs!


Squirrel Spotting

Peak activity times are dawn and dusk all year. Squirrels react to sound and movement, so stand still and keep quiet.

Where gardens back onto woods, squirrels are often fed and can be spotted as they travel to and from the garden.

Read more about best places to see red squirrels on the Island...

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For each t-shirt bought, Wight Squirrel Project will get £4.50 towards funding

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