Wight Squirrels - Red Squirrels on the Isle of Wight

Red Squirrel Habitat


Red squirrels not only need trees to live in and feed from but they are essentially an arboreal animal who would prefer to travel via trees rather than the ground. This means that 'corridors', or 'squirrel highways' are very important to them. Tree species preferred by red squirrels are: hazel, wild cherry, sweet chestnut, walnut, Scots pine, Corsican pine and beech. If you can, plant trees! If you have trees in your garden, value them rather than cut then down. Trees are essential to our life and wellbeing as well as many species of fauna.

A grey squirrel free zone

The Isle of Wight is a nationally important stronghold for our fast disappearing native red squirrels as we do not have a fixed link to the mainland. The current thinking is that off-shore islands are the red squirrels best chance of survival in the UK, as long there are greys on mainland Britain

Support from humans

Many people feed squirrels in their garden, although they may cost a fortune to feed when they are at their hungriest in the spring and summer, red squirrels are considered well worth it! They are termed as 'time wasters' because they are charismatic to watch.

Also, we need to continually fight development which encroaches into woodland and overzealous forestry work. Although, it is I'm afraid, very much a case of some you win and some you lose!



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